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A Bit of Everything

Relative newcomers to their home, the owners of the garden location, “A Bit of Everything,” have been expressing their interest in reusing, recycling and repurposing garden elements to suit their own vision of their garden. Lumber from the old deck and a fence that fell during a strong windstorm have been resourcefully used in building sheds. In the same spirit of reuse and recycle, the owners have invited other master gardeners to display some of their own recycled “garden art” in celebration of the garden tour. The lawn has already been reduced by 30%, and plans are in the works to reduce more. Deer-resistant plants are part of the plan for replacing the front lawn, where local fauna is using it for their next meal. The property has good “bone structure” and California native plants are part of the plan. Well-defined areas based on the slope of the property are showcased through stone work. A garden fountain anchors a space for bird, butterfly and bee habitat. In an area that benefits from full sun, several sturdy raised vegetable beds have been installed. Citrus trees bound the perimeter, and a Japanese maple softens a parking area. Further stone work defines an area around the patio. Roses line a fence next to the raised planters. The owners enjoy improving their garden and look forward to a steady completion of their goals.

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