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Creating our Sanctuary

The owners of “Creating Our Sanctuary” have successfully created a park-like sanctuary in their garden. The first impression is that experienced, confident hands have shaped this diverse garden.  The front yard is a mixture of perennial, bee & butterfly attracting plants, with the homeowners still deciding what to add and change this year. The lawn in the front yard is long gone, replaced by gentle modeling of the garden beds. Beautiful, healthy roses line the driveway, and none of the plants seem to have ever encountered a damaging insect or a weed. Healthy plants are full expressions of their potential, just like the picture in the catalog. A graceful arch softens the lines of the house inviting you into a back yard wonderland. The focal point is a marvelous water feature and waterfall, backed by a stunning white rhododendron. Solutions for garden structures have been made with an eye for using materials that are “just right” for hardscape patios, trellising, arbors and arches. Practical without sacrificing beauty is a long, curving arbor that supports a wisteria vine and provides shade for Japanese maples, rhododendrons and azaleas. The top of the arbor has been painted a tint of lavender to match wisteria flowers. Always changing and ever improving, the garden has evolved for twenty-three years. Water use has been minimized through a combination of compost used to reduce evaporation and maintain soil moisture, along with eight irrigation zones.

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