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Fruit Basket

Without a single blade of lawn, the drought-tolerant, California native-planted front yard is pleasing enough, but only the beginning of the tour location of the “Fruit Basket,” an affectionate name the owner calls her fourteen fruit trees. Pear, plum, peach, apple, pomegranate, Fuyu persimmon, nectarine, Meyer lemon, minneola, mandarin and orange trees grow in the sunny orchard. Early ripening boysenberries line the back fence next to a producing asparagus bed. Acquiring the property only a year ago, the owner is exerting a slow, steady hand to prune these mature fruit trees to a size where ladders will no longer be necessary. Part of the owner’s vision includes raised beds for growing vegetables. After a beautiful but expensive start with a raised redwood bed to plant a winter garden, the owner discovered the possibility of using livestock water troughs to use as raised garden beds. Drainage holes were drilled into the bottoms of the troughs, making this clever solution less costly than conventional raised beds. The rounded shape of the troughs lent themselves to a semi-circular garden design. Gravel paths unify the paths between the beds. Keenly aware of the water demands required by fruit trees, the owner held back bringing her favorite roses from her old garden to only two: Double Delight and Polka, a climber.

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