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Garden for Gatherings

The owner of “Garden for Gatherings” is a landscape designer and the professionalism shows. Seamlessly designed features unify areas of the garden and make maximum use of a small city lot.  The front lawn was replaced with two generously-sized fieldstone vegetable beds. The edges of the beds are situated to become seating when a folding table is used between them for neighborhood gatherings. Adjacent is a gurgling water feature, and a rain garden swale that captures overflow from rain barrels is on the other side. Put it all together with water-thrifty native plants, and the owner has a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. What was once a tangle of tall weeds, the back yard is now a meandering path with mixed vegetable and ornamental beds on either side. Another area of the garden is the “proving ground” for new plants. A casual, outdoor style is reinforced by more fieldstone and a flagstone patio/dining area. Another pleasant surprise is a barbecue set in fieldstone enclosed in a sitting area, and a second dining space/‘jungle bocce’ zone sheltered by a coast live oak.  The owner continues to improve the soil with compost and mulch, modifies and reworks the plants as needed, and adheres to a practice of minimum water use, minimum work and maximum play and leisure.

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