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The Gifted Garden

Save enough time for an adventure through the gardens at Wombats’ Farm.  The property has multiple focuses: ornamental gardens, a special rose garden, a vegetable garden, a home orchard and a four acre vineyard.  Yes, the gardens are large, but on an even more generous scale is the personal care and affection that so obviously details them.  Perhaps some of the magic comes from the many friends and well-wishers who continue to give cuttings and plants to add to the richness of the garden, and hence the name, “The Gifted Garden.” Reinforcing a sense of leisure is the bucolic setting around the house. Here, enjoy a long, appreciative breath and lovely view of Napa. Next, spend as much time as needed strolling the many garden beds to discover garden beds and that radiate their warm charm and beauty.

Also on a grand scale, the educator owners adhere to the same sustainability principles in their support of world causes, including Heifer International, as they employ in their own garden. The wonderful tilth of the soil at Wombats’ Farm is achieved solely by composting and vermicomposting. The resident hen house also contributes to the cause. Dedication to this method has produced a landscape that uses less water and helps manage weeds, and never relies on manufactured pesticides and fertilizers. The owners’ boundless generosity, spirit and enthusiasm for great garden spaces is reflected everywhere you walk down these garden paths.

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