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2017 Tomato Sale and Education Event

Tomato Definitions

Heirloom:  An heirloom tomato is generally a variety with an historical association with a particular region or family that has been passed down through several generations.  All heirloom tomatoes are open-pollinated, but not all open-pollinated tomatoes are heirlooms. Open-pollinated plants have the wind or bees as pollinators and their seeds breed true, producing plants similar to the parent

Hybrid: A tomato variety crossbred for a specific purpose, such as disease resistance, firm flesh or thick skin.  They are artificially pollinated and their seeds do not breed true, meaning that the characteristics of subsequent generations are not necessarily the same as the original parent plant.

Determinate:  A shorter tomato plant with most fruit maturing within one or two 7-10 day periods. Determinates do not generally require support, and may be preferred for canning, making sauces or drying because a volume of fruit is produced over a shorter period of time.

Indeterminate:  An indeterminate tomato plant continues to grow throughout the season. Indeterminate plants are larger than determinates and require support.  They produce fruit throughout the season until first frost.

Tales of the Tomato

Varieties for this year's sale...

Don’t be tempted to plant tomatoes too early in Napa County. There is a danger of frost until late April. Remember, warm soil gives your seedlings their best start in your garden. Our plant sale is planned for the optimum time to plant your tomatoes.

 Master Gardeners are busy preparing to plant this year's crop of delicious fruit. We're ready to nurture and fuss over our young charges so that they will become beautiful, strong young seedlings ready for the sale. We hope to see you again this year at our 5th annual Tomato Sale and Education Event.

The secret to healthy, good tasting tomatoes is giving them exactly what they want...What every tomato likes...and tips from Tomato Tuesdays for a successful harvest...

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