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Spill the Beans Blog

Spill the Beans Blog
  • oak hy2
    Oakleaf Hydrangea

    by Cindy Watter I first noticed this dramatic shrub when I was walking around in downtown Napa.  The Napa Square building had a few in enormous pots.  Later I saw them at the Hatt Building, as part of the hotel's spectacular landscaping. I put...

  • UC IPM video
    Healing the Earth – Use Compost

    Use compost, not chemicals This is the second post in this series following concepts and information from UC Master Gardeners of Napa County presentation, “Soil is the Solution, healing the earth one yard at a time,”...

  • 1
    My Fabulous Smoke Tree

    by Mel Kendall Last year we removed our pool and put in a free form garden.  It was lots of work but we feel it was well worth the effort.  In choosing the trees for the main anchors of our new landscape we wanted larger mature trees so we...

  • GA
    Confessions of a Outdoor Hoarder

    by Melody Kendall There are programs on TV about hoarders and the perils involved in living in a house with such an ailment.  Well, I have come to the conclusion that I am an "outdoor" hoarder.  While this malady is not as limiting or as...

  • Dakota Lakes Research Farm is a great example of managing the fields for the soil. In this cropland, it has taken 22 years to get the soil back to this healthy condition and it still can get better. In a short time, tillage destroys the health of soil–it takes a long time to rebuild.
    Healing the Earth by Healing the Soil

    Humans have been stripping mother earth of her verdant, life supporting cloak for a long time, but the damage has shot up to a critical stage during recent years. To extend the metaphor further, earth has been stripped so bare that ecological systems are...