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Spill the Beans Blog

Spill the Beans Blog
  • Rose garden completed
    The Pool is Gone - Part III

      by Melody Kendall Just about a year ago, we decided that we wanted to remove our inground pool.  This is the third installment of that saga. First, after experiencing this recent hot weather my husband and I have more than once looked at...

  • Deb Nystrom
    The Zen of Gardening

    by Edward S. Lopez PhD The dichotomy of gardening It has always occurred to me that there is a sort of fundamental dichotomy in gardening. On one hand gardening takes work, energy, perseverance, and money. On the other hand, it is relaxing, fulfilling...

  • Pac Hort
    Create a Drought-Tolerant Dry Garden

    Following is a summary of a Library Talk by UC Master Gardeners on July 2, 2020.  by Carrie Strohl I was recently grateful to be able to get out of town for a few days. In the mountain elevation of Truckee, CA, I was surprised to get stuck in...

  • Lorquin's Admiral
    Butterfly Garden

    by Cindy Watter A couple of years ago I wrote a Napa Valley Register column about creating a small garden to attract pollinators. I planted monarda, red salvia, lavender, and Blue Boa agastache, in addition to a spindly little Mexican marigold (tagetes...

  • rock pile
    The 15-Minute Gardener

    Editor's note: Master Gardeners are keeping busy in their own gardens during the Covid-19 pandemic. Summer is here and there's a lot going on in the garden! Here's how Master Gardeners are spending their time: Cindy Watter About twenty five years...