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Spill the Beans Blog

Spill the Beans Blog
  • P1420461
    Growing Oak Trees

    by Corinne Yoshihara Did you know that only 1 in 10,000 acorns grows into a tree? Master Gardeners recently had a presentation on a “how to” about growing oak trees by Jean Wheeler of Main Street Trees. Jean described her tree growing...

  • plant1
    Unsightly Succulents

    The recent downpours remind me of earlier this year, when we noticed the succulents on our patio were not their usual beautiful selves. They were peppered with dark spots, corky bumps and were decidedly unsightly in appearance.  What in the...

  • Evidence shows sunflower pollen may be help reduce pathogens in bees.
    Sunflowers for Bees

    An article in the February-March 2019 issue of National Wildlife caught my attention. Entitled, ‘Bees “hit the jackpot” with sunflower pollen,' it briefly describes a study published in Scientific Reports  that suggests a potential...

    By Jane Callier
    By Marc Callier
  • edupic-earthworm169FREE
    Worms on the sidewalk.

    With our heavy rain today and I am seeing earthworms everywhere but in the ground. And just today I also got the Watershed Project newsletter today with an interesting article about earthworms. So I...

    By Yvonne Rasmussen
    Author - Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator
  • Leek pic
    Growing Leeks

    Leeks are an extremely winter-hardy cool-season crop, milder than either onions or garlic. Members of the onion family, leeks do not form bulbs or produce cloves, but develop an edible 6 to 10-inch long round stem as much as 2 inches in diameter. The...