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Don Juan

A Rose in the Spotlight -- 2020

The Don Juan climbing rose was introduced in 1958 by an Italian rose breeder: Michele Malandrone. Don Juan rose is unusual among climbing roses, as it is one of the few climbing red roses that actually produces a fragrance. This makes it a prize among growers who prefer climbing roses because of their vigor and low maintenance and who also want a fragrant rose.

The Don Juan climbing rose is very popular for a number of other reasons. One is that it produces gorgeous,  crimson red blooms with petals that are ruffled and have a velvety touch to them. The Don Juan rose is called a large-flowered climber, and its blooms form at the ends of long stems which can be cut to bring indoors for a vase of cut roses. The Don Juan is also a repeat bloomer which means that if you deadhead the spent blooms, the plant will continue to bloom all summer long. And having a fragrance adds to its popularity.

To grow Don Juan Climbing Roses:

Don Juan roses will grow in zones 5-10. And they are grown much like other roses. You can enhance the soil by adding a layer of compost to the rose bed a few months before planting. Roses need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day and this rose will grow up to 10-12 feet tall at maturity. That gives you options for its location. When planting, make sure you have room available to erect a trellis or fence for the rose to climb to its full height. Plant your rose in a hole that is twice the diameter of the pot that is has been grown in and about the same depth as the pot. Water, annual care, and pest management are like that for all roses.