#10: Coast Live Oak

Quercus agrifolia (KQURK-us  ag-rih-foh-le-uh)

  • The common name “live oak” is a reference to the foliage, which is EVERGREEN (canopy of green leaves is retained year-round)
  • Native range of Coast Live Oak is restricted to a 50 mile wide corridor along the coast from Sonoma and Napa Counties south Baja California, Mexico
  • Can reach heights of 32 to 82 feet with trunk diameters of 10 to 13 feet
  • Easily recognized by its leaves, which are cupped (convex), dark green, oval in shape,and usually with prickly spines along the edge
  • Leaves on shaded branches will be larger and more flattened


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Coast Live Oak photo

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