Tree #41: Gingko

Ginkgo biloba  (gink-go  bi-loba) 

  • AKA Maidenhair tree
  • Once grew worldwide but now native range restricted to China
  • Only species in the Ginkgoaceae family no other members
  • Fossils show this tree survived from prehistoric times
  • Average tree height is 25 to 50 feet with a spread of 25 to 35 feet at maturity
  • Yearly growth rate is 13 to 24 inches
  • Fan shaped leaves; wonderful fall color. Butter yellow foliage
  • Will survive smog and pollution
  • Ginkgo’s can live as long as 3,000 years
  • All trees in Fuller Park are about 10 years old


Flowering Cluster, Click 'once' to enlarge


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Ginkgo photo

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