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School Garden Task Force in Action

Adopt a School Garden Program

2015-2016: TBA

Apply to be the School Garden Task Force Adopt a School Garden. 

2014-2015: El Centro

For the past two school years, two members of the School Garden Task Force, Dottie Lee and Patricia Parker, have worked closely with the staff of El Centro school to revitalize their school garden. 

Spring 2015

This year, the Master Gardeners will offer their expertise, this time to collaboratively plan and install a pollinator patch in the El Centro school garden. Download this  Schoolyard Habitat Project Guide to install a habitat garden in your school.

Check back for before and after photos! 

Spring 2014

Last year, Master Gardeners recruited the well-known "Huff Brothers" local irrigation specialists, who guided a hands-on demonstration for Master Gardeners. This event enabled the Master Gardeners to "learn by doing" while adding a valuable resource to the El Centro school garden: automated irrigation for their vegetable beds. Read Dottie Lee's Letter to the Editor.