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Home Composting

Home Composting Workshop Schedule (CITY OF NAPA)

Sponsored by: City of Napa Public Works Department, City of American Canyon Public Works Department, Upper Valley Waste Management Agency, Napa County Department of Environmental Management , Napa Recycling & Waste Services, American Canyon Recycling & Disposal, Inc., UC Master Gardeners of Napa County and Napa County Land Trust.

  • For information & questions only, call City of Napa, Chris Shoop at 257-9200 or e-mail Chris at cshoop@cityofnapa.org.
    Register online at www.cityofnapa.org/compost
  • LEARNto reduce and/or eliminate yardwaste and turn it into wonderfully rich, free compost for your garden.
  • DISCOVER the basics of back yard composting, composting with worms and grasscycling.
  • BECOME familiar with tools, types of bins and the ins and outs of recycling yardwaste, garden waste, and even some food waste.
  • BE INFORMED ABOUT GRASSCYCLING. Grass clippings release valuable nutrients back into the soil.