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Spill the Beans Blog

Spill the Beans Blog
  • avos
    Growing an Avocado Plant from Seed

    by Dianne Weyna During the lockdown… is probably how many stories will start these days. With all that time on my hands I have done a few experiments of tropical plantings.  Like millions before me I started a couple avocados seeds. Years...

  • cast iron bathtub with petunias
    Neighborhood Walks

    by Melody Kendall I just love walking in our neighborhood. As I have mentioned many times, we have been living in this particular neighborhood for almost 40 years. When the kids were little and we walked as a family, I didn't get many chances to...

  • 3-First try finished
    The Great Tree Root Battle

    by Melody Kendall We have lived in our home now for almost 40 years; gosh, time flies when you are having fun! Until about five years ago we had been unsuccessful in establishing a garden in the front yard under the only window seen from the street,...

  • Mother Nature
    Heal the Earth – Water Wisely

    This is the last post in this series following concepts and information from UC Master Gardeners of Napa County presentation, “Soil is the Solution, healing the earth one yard at a time,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqA8DqBtRuo . The...

  • From small to large in 8 months
    Cape Balsam

    by Melody Kendall I am not usually the type of person that colors outside the box.  Following rules and being on the straight and narrow have been my usual modus operandi and, if the truth be told, my comfort level. Six years ago I took a brief...