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Spill the Beans Blog

Spill the Beans Blog
  • mulch
    Managing Garden Water under Extreme Heat & Drought

     Margaret Legg As we all know rainfall this year has been extremely low.  According to UCCE the rainfall total for this calendar year in the Carneros and Oakville region is recorded as 4.51 inches. If one considers the “rainy”...

  • Beets and marigolds enjoy a sunny day
    Heat Stress

    By Julie Pramuk In a recent UC Master Gardener workshop at our new Las Flores Learning garden we focused on dealing with the recent heat wave and its effects in our gardens.  We outlined several topics to consider, with in- depth demonstrations and...

  • earth
    Begin with soil

    by Carole Kent The power of caring and acting, and I emphasize EVERY action to care for the Earth (capital E) and earth (small e) is necessary and important. Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist from Sweden puts it this way, "no one is too small...

  • turgid flaccid
    Dealing with water and heat stress in plants

    Cynthia Kerson With the weather getting warmer by the year, it's time we recognize the difference between heat and water stresses in our plants. The temperature is averaging 83°, and according to www.GreenCastOnline.com, a service provided by a...

  • pond
    Garden Tours Get Better and Better

    by Cynthia Kerson  Being a UC Master Gardener of Napa County has many joys in volunteering to educate home gardeners. In between volunteering, our members decided to tour each others gardens during spring and summer months. Besides being fun...