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Spill the Beans Blog

Spill the Beans Blog
  • Mexican sunflower
    My Fall Cleanup Guidelines

    by Melody Kendall I love my garden. It never fails to make me smile.  Even in the fall my plants continue to provide blissful, calming vistas when viewed over my morning mocha.  My dahlias, though succumbing to the inevitable yearly fall...

  • Figure 2
    Wrists and Hands

    by Bob Niklewicz PT MG.        Did you know fingernails grow faster on the hand a person writes with? They also grow faster than toenails, and faster on longer fingers. Our hands are wonderfully engineered...

  • Pineapple guava showing different aspects of its oval leaves
    Pineapple Guavas

    by Jane Callier A couple of years ago, I was very pleased to receive a pineapple guava plant from another master gardener. I had admired the plant for quite a while with its beautiful blossoms in the spring and handsome foliage with a green color above...

  • Cut bamboo
    Golden Bamboo

    by Rainer Hoenicke When something is designated ‘invasive' they mean INVASIVE! Twenty six years ago we moved to our new home in north Napa.  We were especially excited to get an entire U-Haul truck of beloved potted plants situated in the...

  • echinacea
    Rethinking your Landscape

    by Cathy Baskin Just like we periodically redo the interior design of our homes, we may also need to redo the landscaping around our homes. A wide range of reasons may prompt a redesign. Perhaps you've inherited a yard from previous owners whose...