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Garden Links

Statewide Master Gardener Program

Facilitating excellence in Master Gardener Programs by increasing professionalism of master gardener coordinators and volunteers. 

Consumers, Growers & Processors

UC Vegetable & Research Information Center
Fosters appropriate research, collect and disseminate information relevant to consumers, growers and processors in the California vegetable industry.

UC Small Farm Program
Focuses on the challenges and opportunities of California's small-scale farm operators.

UC Ornamental Horticulture Research & Information Center
Provides research, news, and information on the California horticulture industry. 

Fire Wise Napa

Contains educational information for people who live or vacation in fire-prone areas of the United States.  Designed to acquaint you with the challenges of living with wildland fire. 


UC Botanical Garden
Located in Berkeley, this garden features one of the most diverse plant collections in the United States.

Bee-friendly Gardens
A practical guide to introducing the world's most prolific pollinators into a garden.

Plants That Attract Pollinators

UC Davis Good Life Garden
To expose and educate a wide audience to the relationship between good food and good health. 

Home Orchard & Landscape

100 Commonly Used Plants in Napa County

The California Backyard Orchard
UC factsheets and other UC publications relating to fruits and nuts grown in the backyard.  Designed for backyard gardeners and consumers.

Planting Under Oaks
Information about the care of oaks and what to plant near them.

UC Guide to Healthy Lawns
Provides information to home owners and others to plant and maintain healthy lawns in California.  Also, generally apply to parks, school grounds, and other turf areas. 

Pests & Diseases

UC IPM Pest Notes
Guidelines for pest monitoring techniques, pesticides, and non-pesticide alternatives for managing pests in home and landscapes.

Quick Tips - How to Manage Pests of Home and Landscape
Abbreviated versions of the UC IPM Pest Notes.

UC Integrated Pest Management
Pest management and identification of plant diseases, insects, mites, nematodes, and weeds.

California Oak Mortality Task Force
A non-profit organization that brings together public agencies, non-profit organizations and private interests to address the issue of elevated levels of oak mortality.

PlantRight Initiative
Leaders from the horticultural community have partnered with environmental groups and scientists to find voluntary, pro-business ways to protect our wildlands and open spaces from invasive plants. 


UC ANR Publications 
Catalogs, booklets and flyers to order or download.  Many are FREE. 


Community Organizations

California Native Plant Society
Napa Chapter

Friends of the Napa River
A non-profit community organization dedicated to the restoration, protection, and celebration of the Napa River and its watershed.

Napa-Solano Audubon Society
A conservation organization that supports local birding, local and area conservation education and advocacy.

Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County
Dedicated to the rehabilitative care of injured, ill, or orphaned wildlife in Napa County.

Local Government

City of Napa

County of Napa

Napa County Resource Conservation District
Charged with protecting and enhancing the resources within the district boundaries.

Newspapers & Public Cable TV

The Napa Valley Register
Look for articles written by the UC Master Gardeners of Napa County.  Do a "search archives" using Master Gardener.

Napa Community Access Public Television
A non-profit, membership-based public, education and government access television center.