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Frida Kahlo

November 2019 Rose Submitted by Laurie Budash
Frida Kahlotm Rose
A one-of-a-kind flower like the electrifying painter herself, the Frida Kahlo rose exemplifies the
bold vibrant color of the world-famous Mexican artist’s work. Though Frida’s life was full of
physical pain resulting from an accident, she painted with a unique flare and was passionate
about roses, often including them in her self-portraits. She was quoted as saying, “I paint
flowers so they will not die.”

Created by hybridizers Christian Bedard and Tom Carruth in 1992, the Frida Kahlo rose was
classified by the American Rose Society as a red blend and introduced to the buying public in
2018. The rose is as unique as the artist it was named after, sporting scarlet red and gold
striped flowers, 5-6 blooms per cluster and high disease resistance.

The shrubby upright bush hosts medium sized decorative blooms with anywhere from 25 to 40
petals. The flowers are presented in small clusters of 5 to 6 striped blooms which stand out
against the rich, extremely glossy dark green foliage. The rose’s color intensifies as it ages to a
deep red blush.

Bring a touch of artistry to your garden with the brilliant painterly Frida Kahlo rose.

Bloom Type Floribunda Jumbo Double Blooms
Characteristics Upright medium growing habit
Color Scarlet red and gold stripes
Fragrance Moderate Fruity
Hardiness 4 – 10
Exposure Full sun to partial shade
Rebloom Continuous
Approximate Size 3’-4’ tall x 3’ wide

Submitted photo SpringHillNursery.com
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