California Native Plants

The Las Flores Learning Garden Planting Area #3 is designated the California Native Plant Garden. Though varied in texture
and shape, the plants selected for this garden all have low water needs. California’s native wildlife species have co-evolved with native plants and prefer them over non natives for food and shelter.
California’s Native Americans developed many practical uses for native plants that were essential in sustaining life, both as sources of food and as materials for clothing, shelter and implements.

Allen Chickering

Aster Monch

CA Buckwheat

CA Fescue

CA Poppy

Cardinal Catchfly

Catalina Island


Chiapas Sage


Coral Bells

Coyote Mint

Douglas Iris



Oregon Grape

Red Flowering Current

Rosy Buckwheat

Silver Mound

Monkeyflower 1

Monkeyflower 2

Sulphur Buckwheat

Sunset Manzanita

White Sage



California Native Plant Garden