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Growing Grapes (table, wine, raisins) In Your Backyard:
UC IPM Official Pest Management Guidelines - Grape Pests
European Grapevine Moth
Vine Mealybug 

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Sample Costs to Establish a Vineyard and Produce Wine grapes (2012 NEEDS UPDATING)


UC Integrated Grape Team Viticulture Workshops – Look here to find past seminar presentations


Leaf Roll Color Atlas
Rootstock Selection


Grape Varieties

Vineyard Irrigation and Soil Health


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Drought Management for Wine grapes - a simplified summary of recommendations for irrigating wine  grapes with limited water supplies. 


Selected Plant and Soil Laboratories in Northern and Central California



Napa Valley College - Viticulture & Winery Technology Classes


UC Davis Extension - Viticulture & Enology Classes


Hobby Vineyardist - The UC Integrated Grape Team of Napa County is now providing an online newsletter, The Hobby Vineyardist, of announcements and upcoming educational events that may be of interest to you. Subscribe by following this link:  


Grape Pest Notifications - UC Integrated Pest Management's grape pest management notifications will keep you up-to-date on management activities to do throughout the year. Notifications will link you to UC Pest Management Guidelines for grapes where you’ll find information on pest description and photo identification pages, monitoring techniques and monitoring forms, pest biology, and management options. Subscribe by following this link:   



Publication 21636 - Songbird, Bat & Owl Boxes. Turn your vineyard, farm, or garden into a wildlife refuge and control pest activity naturally with this handy guide. Learn to protect these beneficial wildlife species and their vital environmental services, all while controlling rodent and insect activity. This book provides important information on the biology and habitat requirements of songbirds, bats, and barn owls that will use nest boxes for roosting or nesting. 


Publication 3338 - Cover Cropping in Vineyards: A Growers Handbook. Features cutting-edge methods for using cover crops to enhance vineyard performance. Based on extensive research, this guide details technical and theoretical information on how cover crops affect vineyards and promote ecological stability. 


Publication 3382 - California Master Gardener Handbook. Chapter 10 - Soil Requirements, Spacing, Selecting Plants, Rootstocks, Varieties for the Home Garden, Growth Pattern & Cycle, Planting & Early Care, Pruning, Irrigation, Nutrition and Pest Management. 


Publication 3343 - Grape Pest Management, 3rd Edition. More than 70 research scientists, cooperative extension advisors and specialists, growers, and pest control advisers have consolidated the latest scientific studies and research into one handy reference. This new edition includes several new invasive species that are now major pests. Includes nine expansive chapters with colorful photos. 


Publication 3393 - Raisin Production Manual. Covers all aspects of the California system of raisin production from vineyard planting and development, pest management, cultural practices, harvesting, drying, handling, and economic considerations, to inspection and marketing. Chapters on grapevine physiology, growth and development, fruitfulness, fruit ripening and drying, characteristics, and raisin quality factors reveal the latest in technology and best practices. 


Publication 3419 - Wine Grape Varieties in California.  Illustrated book is a must-have for growers, vintners, and enthusiasts. Inside you'll find information on ripening periods for 53 varieties grown in California, ripening dates of varieties by period and growing district, detailed illustrations of grapevine structure, a glossary, and a bibliography. Discussion of the 36 major wine grape varieties grown in the state, covering synonyms, source, physical characteristics such as clusters, berries, and leaves, harvest periods and methods, and winery use. Each variety is highlighted by close-up photography of its clusters, leaves and leaf shoots 107 lush color photos in all. 


Publication 3511 - Organic Winegrowing Manual. Provides detailed information for wine grape growers on production issues, economics, weed and disease management, the process of conversion from conventional to organic, and organic certification and registration. 


Publication 3532 - Vineyard Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards. Keep your vineyard healthy by staying on top of pest activity with this set of 50 sturdy, pocket-size laminated cards. This is the perfect quick reference to identifying and monitoring vineyard diseases and pests. 


Publication 3541 - Weed Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards. Based on the bestselling Weeds of California and Other Western States; this is the perfect pocket-sized companion for anyone working in the field. Each weed is identified by a description and excellent close-up color photographs of various growth stages—187 photos in all. On the reverse of each card is a description of the various growth stages, habitat, distribution and management tips. 


General Viticulture, 2nd Edition. Wherever grapevines are cultivated, this book will be welcome because it fills a long-standing need for a clear, concise treatment of modern viticulture. During the past fifty years, more progress has been made in the science and art of growing grapes for table use and raisin or wine production than in any previous century. This new edition has been revised throughout. The chapters on vine structure, vine physiology, the grape flower and berry set, development and composition of grapes, and means of improving grape quality add to our knowledge of the vine and its functions. The text is designed to enable those concerned with either vine or fruit problems to arrive at considered diagnoses. The student will find the text and the cited references a comprehensive source of information. 

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Napa Fermentation - Located Inside the Napa Valley Expo - 575 Third St, Bldg. A, Napa, California 94559 707.255.6372


myEnologist – myEnologist provides a wide range of consulting services, cost effective analysis packages, and cellar supplies.  We utilize state of the art technology including the FOSS WineScan™ to provide routine analysis of juice and wine with affordable monthly pricing.  We supply a full data panel on each sample for less than a single analysis might cost elsewhere.  This allows you to get a complete picture of your wine or juice without having to choose between cost and data.