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Introducing the Las Flores Learning Garden - UC Master Gardeners 1 hr Free Napa Library Talk by ZOOM
by ZOOM Napa
Napa, CA 94559
Contact: Napa Master Gardeners & Napa County Library
Sponsor: UC Master Gardeners Napa County/ Napa Library


Join UC Master Gardeners of Napa County and Napa Library for:

Discover the Las Flores Learning Garden in Napa


DATE & TIME:  January 4, 2024,  7-8 pm by zoom   


Description: Did you know Napa has an amazing learning garden?  Join the Napa County UC Master Gardeners as we share our transformation of a portion of the Las Flores Community Center Park into a series of botanical teaching gardens. Creating a place for you and your family to actively explore examples of water conservation and dry garden ideas as well as showcasing the many plants that can attract pollinators into your garden. This garden also includes a selection of California native plants, chosen especially for our area.


This is a FREE event.

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